Peach Bitcoin

Buy & Sell Bitcoin peer-to-peer

✔ verifiable source code

Buy and Sell Bitcoin, the way you want

Peach is a mobile application that connects Bitcoin buyers and sellers directly together.

Buy or sell bitcoin peer-to-peer anywhere, at anytime.

Use the payment method of your choice amongst many options.

Sell at the price of your choice because peer-to-peer markets are the real markets.

KYC-free Bitcoin is the best Bitcoin.

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We aim to make stacking sats peer-to-peer the standard!

About Us

Peach, the company, is born from people who believe in the hardest money that has ever existed, and want to make it accessible to the whole world without compromising on the fundamental aspects of Bitcoin.

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If you want to know more about the company, check out our blog posts talking about how everything started, and how we got here.

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