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1 year anniversary

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Hello Peaches! 🍑 We're finally back from this long summer sprint and from the amazing Baltic Honeybadger 2023 conference. As usual, an extremely high-quality and low-noise conference, with top-tier speakers and a relaxed atmosphere that allowed everyone who's deep into Bitcoin to find new connections with other peers. If you've never been there, we totally recommend attending. The local town of the HodlHodl team is amazing, as are their organizational skills. Sooo… here we are, back on track and ready to crush this last quarter of the year! Regarding Peach news, I'd guess many of you have already seen it, especially the ones who attended the Baltic Honeybadger Conference. However, in case you haven't… Peach turned 1y old on September 1st!!!🎂 During the conference, we met with so many people who had already used the app, and we received extremely constructive feedback, which we really appreciate. Without all of you, Peach wouldn't be what it is today. This said, there is no other way to start this newsletter than by saying to the ones who have seen us grow and helped us since the very beginning, sincerely, thank you.

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This picture above was taken in front of the first bitcoin bar in Riga, Latvia. A really cool place where we had a huge bitcoin party. 10/10 would recommend if you're near Riga, go visit the guys and do not let them forget how much better Bitcoin is compared to traditional Fiat systems! But hey…! Apart from paying for a few peach shots at the party, we've also been working hard on the new features. And they are no joke!

We're committed to providing newbies with the best and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoin p2p out there. But we won't be just doing it by compromising their security and privacy, as many others have chosen to do, but by providing them with it by default. That's why, while staying true to our Bitcoiner ethos, we've been working on some amazing new features, with the aim of making them easy for people to use while still keeping them secure and private. The new things you can do now with the Peach app are:

Full Wallet Functionality –> Use the self-custodial wallet inside the app to SEND and RECEIVE Bitcoin directly, without the need to leave the app.

Coin-Control –> Manage your UTXOs with an easy and intuitive UI. Do not sacrifice your privacy!

GroupHug –> Automatically batch transactions to save on network fees! (opt-in feature) Learn more by reading this blog post

Expanding to the GLOBAL SOUTH –> Yes! You heard that right, we're expanding to:

  • Africa: Côte d'Ivoire, Congo DRC and Nigeria
  • LATAM: Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica

But that doesn't mean we stop there! If you are a local bitcoiner from a country that we still do not support, please get in touch with us to add it to Peach.

Peach in Africa and Latin America!

And last but not least…

Open Sourcing the app! –> We do have different chunks of the app that are fully FOSS, while the Peach app code is under the MIT-CC license. You can find everything on our github.

We knew this was a controversial topic, and listening to the community, we thought it was the right time to open source the code and let the users be able to verify and check what's indeed happening inside the app.

While this brings some risks to the company, it also opens new horizons and allows people to directly contribute and even propose new features. To make it easy for builders, we've made our API documentation public, and you can find it here: Down here, we'll leave a short video done by one of our favorite beta tester users, always helping in the community.

Peach 1y anniversary video

Well, so I'd guess that's everything! After a few stressful weeks, we've been able to achieve great things, and we're extremely proud of them. But that doesn't mean we stop; we'll keep listening to the community and try to keep improving Peach until it is the best app out there to buy Bitcoin, following the best practices by default. So if you would like to send us some feedback, some love, or some hate over any of our communication channels, please do so! PS: We've been adding some new blog posts for people to dig deeper into all of our new features. You can find them all in our blog section on the website:

Market Stats

from August 10th to September 7th

Down here, you'll find a recap of the most important stats from the previous weeks. Let us know if you'd like to see any chart or metric that doesn't appear here.

Avg. BUY offers / day 148

4.438 buy offers created in 30 days ­ Avg. SELL offers / day 64

1918 sell offers created in 30 days ­ Avg. PREMIUM 6.23 %

Avg Premium is going down as number of trades grow ­ Median time to complete a sell trade 16 minutes ­ Number of finished trades 1316 ­ Total amount traded 1 138 215 176 sats

286 745 CHF ­ Average Trade amount 984 615 sats

248 CHF

September 7th, 2023

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