Peachy Christmas Bitcoiners!

Our special gifts to you for Christmas: a NEW Peach version and FREE trades for everyone on the 24th, 25th, 26th of December!

Annnd… just like this 2023 comes to an end! What a year, Peaches, what a year!

First off all, thank you! Yes, you! The Bitcoiners, the hoDLers, the stackers of the last resort! Thank you for testing and using Peach, Thank you for buying and selling via Peach, Thank you for collaborating and creating on Peach!

It's famous to say that bear markets are for buiDLing. Well, look below at Peach evolution just in 2023!

Do you also notice something? Look at the Bitcoin price over time on each screen. Number Go Up, friends, NgU!

Something else you're noticing?? The order book data in 0.4 maybe? Are you hearing the signal yet @sellers? friendly reminder: it's free to sell sats on Peach at the premium/discount of your choice :)

Peach 0.1: Proof of concept, row design, clustered liquidity into buckets (though the bucket is still a good idea).
Peach 0.2, March: Full Ux redesign, full wallet integration, fund multiple sell offers at once, grouphug
Peach 0.4, December: New UX again! Publish a sell and buy offer in one screen, live market data integration, instant-trade functionality, repeat trader badge, shareable news in the home page!

What else happened in 2023?

  • Peach is accessible GLOBALLY (except in the US and in a few other countries considered as high risk by the global fiat rulers)
  • Though Peach is accessible globally, we have only integrated with some currencies outside Europe: (moooooore to come in 2024!!!)
Latin America!
L-USDT and LNURL swap!

What else?

  • Peach is now a member of the Liquid Federation!
  • Our API is out there for you to buiDL! We know of a peach buiDLing a telegram bot and another peach buiDLing a BtcPayServer x Peach plugin! Want us to put you in touch or have any questions: join our telegram or discord group!

Peach 0.4: Peer-to-Peer is a UX game!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, we know it, successful retail start-ups know it, competitors know it… UX makes an app to win or to die. Therefore we won't stop iterating until your grandma stack sats on Peach!

2024: the Hopes and the Plans

All I want for Xmas...

And here relies one of our biggest challenge: bitcoin on-chain fees! This is not Bitcoin which has a problem, it's US! We must work hard and integrate another layer into Peach or we may die trying.

Peach is not only a service, it's also a startup!

We successfully went through the first startup phase: build a product that works with a provable traction and an early-adopter community! Check, check, and check!

Product is smooth, more than 15'000 trades completed/117 BTC traded/57'000 buy offers/22'000 sell offers, and just check our telegram or X (twitter) to see our peachy community! We even have an #earlyadopter badge in the app for the ones present during the private beta!

Now that the obsession with the product is satisfied, the next obsession is DISTRIBUTION! How to get Peach to excel at "top of mind of awareness" when a no-coiner asks: how do I get Bitcoin? Peach has now all the assets to scale! The startup is ready to take on new capital to fulfil its mission. Want to be part of it? Want to help? Contact us!

Spread the Peach-to-Peach word!

Continue sharing your love, your feedback and your REFERRAL code to on-board more users into the one-stop-shop Peach Bitcoin app. The more users, the more KYC-free peer2peer Bitcoin trades!

If you'd like a custom AFFILIATE link, reach out to us!

You're a student? or looking for contributing outside code? HELP US to distribute Peach in your country by becoming an ambassador!

That's it for us, peaches! Merry Xmas to all and see you next year! LFG.

December 23rd, 2023

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