Matches FAQ

How does Peach Matchmaking work?

Peach connects you with another Bitcoin Buyer or Seller according to your preferences of currencies and payment methods. Based on this, Peach notifies you when you receive matching offers. We sort the matches by reputation score and price of the offer.

How is a trade created?

A Buyer can match as many sell offers as he wants. The first Seller to accept the Buyer's offer (Double Match) gets the trade!

Can I un-match an offer?

At any time! Watch out, your reputation score will be slightly be affected for unmatching an offer.

Can I cancel a Double Match (a trade)?

A trade is created as soon as the Seller accepts a Buyer's offer. The Buyer automatically receives the Seller's payment details*. The Buyer can cancel the trade at anytime. The Seller can only cancel a trade by asking rst to the Buyer if he is okay to cancel. Watch out, cancelling a trade impacts your reputation score!

When is the price of the trade set?

When the buyer matches an offer. The seller may accept this match or not.

As a buyer, can I match multiple sellers?

Yes! You can match as many sellers as you want. Matching a seller doesn't guarantee that they'll match you back, so it's often smart to match as many as possible. You will make the trade with the first seller that matches you back, while the other ones will need to look for new buyers.