Peach Bitcoin celebrates its first anniversary: Dazzling innovations and… Heading South!

At Peach Bitcoin, we have spent an entire year perfecting the art of providing a platform that embraces the fundamental values of Bitcoin. As we celebrate our first anniversary with the launch of Peach 0.3, allow us to guide you through this update, which is more than just a step forward; it’s a leap into the future of peer-to-peer exchange.

Back to Basics

The new version of Peach offers a comprehensive Bitcoin wallet, giving users more control in managing their transactions. In a world where every online value transfer is potentially a breach of freedom, Bitcoin empowers each individual to use their wealth without seeking permission. Peach’s mission is to provide everyone with a peer-to-peer exchange tool fully aligned with the ethos of Bitcoin.

Expanding Horizons

In one year, Peach Bitcoin has evolved from a passionate idea to a transformative reality. And now, we are going even further. With the 0.3 update, we are turning towards the Global South, opening our doors to several countries in Latin America and Africa.

Beyond merely facilitating transactions, we aspire to be at the heart of Bitcoin communities.

Whether it’s Kiveclair and Bitcoin Jamii in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DigiOats and Calabar Bitcoin Devs Community in Nigeria, Abidjan Bitcoin Meetup in Côte d'Ivoire, or Bitcoin Jungle in Costa Rica, each of these communities has a privileged exchange space on Peach 3.0 and will benefit from a share of transaction fees. Other communities are welcome to join this model.

By sharing part of our revenue with Bitcoin communities, we aim to place the effort of Bitcoin popularization at the heart of our mission.

Transparency and Collaboration

The power of Bitcoin largely rests on trust and transparency. Peach 0.3 takes another step forward by unveiling its source code; Don’t Trust, Verify! We believe in an open ecosystem where everyone can contribute because, after all, Bitcoin is for everyone.

The Peach Promise

The Peach 0.3 update is not just an improved version of our app; it reflects our commitment to providing an exceptional user experience while respecting our core values. Peach does not store your personal data, guarantees the anonymous exchange of bitcoins, and promotes a free market, just as Bitcoin intends.

To quote one of our co-founders: "Some people will join Peach because they agree with our values. But the majority will use Peach because it’s the best product available to them."

At a time when the financial world yearns for more control and centralized forces attempt to invade the Bitcoin space, we want to emphasize that freedom remains within reach. Peach Bitcoin stands by your side in this fight, defending every Satoshi against any control by intermediaries.

Peach 0.3 is waiting for you.

Post author: @gloireKW

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September 2nd, 2023

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