Why P2P series - Chapter 1, The origins

The origins of Bitcoin

Dear peaches, as you may already know, our app allows users to buy Bitcoin P2P (peer to peer, or peach to peach as we prefer). But, even if many people have heard those words before, have you ever stopped to think what that even means?

The basic definition is pretty obvious, but in the bitcoin space, many people are still buying Bitcoin using services that require verification of personal information, aka VEXs*, thus tying the Bitcoin bought to your identity. Which makes us wonder: have we (bitcoiners) really understood what this is all about?

In this series of blog posts we will dive a little bit deeper into what it means to use bitcoin P2P, and some of its advantages.

In today's chapter, we want to briefly explore how everything started.

bitcoin whitepaper

Bitcoin isn’t something that randomly appeared. It’s conception was founded in the fact that the money masters (governments and central banks) played their game until they reached a point were it wasn’t sustainable anymore. Even if the propaganda machine will tell you that “external problems” are the cause of your loss of purchasing power… in the end we know that’s not true. Their incompetence and greed led us where we are today.

When Satoshi launched Bitcoin, he described it as “Peer-to-Peer electronic cash”, a description that wasn’t chosen arbitrarily either.

Money is the best tool that humans have found to exchange goods and services between them, and P2P is the purest expression of such an exchange.

Satoshi chose to express bitcoin as a P2P electronic cash due to its simple nature; a tool to exchange value, without the possibility of either party manipulating the exchange.

Unfortunately, some business models (VEXs) have flourished, which have ended up (almost) destroying the P2P model that satoshi proposed.

Most of those business models have burned themselves to the ground by their greed. Yet, some still remain, fooling newbies into thinking that their services are legit, while actually completely breaking Satoshi’s new model for some quick profits.

We founded Peach with the mission to bring Bitcoin back to its origins, by creating an easy way of exchanging Bitcoin P2P and helping users understand that this is a better way of using Bitcoin. All while (re)learning self-custody, self-responsibility and money management. We believe that there is a better way of using Bitcoin, and we believe that people can use it as a tool for real freedom when given the right means and education.

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System — Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin whitepaper

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Final Notes

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*shoutout to @okada_blue for introducing the “VEX” terminology, aka; Verification Exchanges in his article The Value of p2p Bitcoin exchanges

April 12nd, 2023

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