Making our Peach-API Public

Hey there, Peach enthusiasts!

We're back with a scoop that's bound to make your day – after a year-plus of hard work and late-night coding sessions, we're excited to announce that the Peach API is ready to go public!

Now, let's talk about what this Peach API is all about. It's like our gift to those who want to dive into the world of digital peaches without using the Peach App itself. Maybe the Peach app isn't your jam, and that's totally cool – the Peach API is here to give you a piece of the action in a way that suits you.

We have prepared you a full documentation here and prepared an API-Wrapper written in TypeScript.

If you're a coding wizard with a knack for innovation, the possibilities are endless but here are 2 examples:

  1. If you're seeking an alternative to the traditional mobile experience, the Peach API empowers you to design your own interface. Whether it's a desktop version or a unique mobile setup, the API provides the tools to tailor your interactions.
  2. Trading Automation: Those well-versed in coding can utilize the Peach API to take control of trading activities. With the ability to automate trades based on predetermined parameters, you can optimize your trading strategy with efficiency and precision.

So, whether you're a seasoned developer looking to flex your skills or just someone who wants a personalized Peach experience, the Peach API is here to make your dreams a reality.

Stay tuned for more updates and tutorials on how to harness the Peach API's superpowers. The future is ripe with potential, and we're excited to take this journey with you.

The Peach Crew

Final Notes

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Making our Peach-API Public

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September 1st, 2023

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