Full Wallet Functionality

With Peach 0.3. we're excited to introduce full wallet functionality to Peach Bitcoin. Our wallet has gotten a significant upgrade bringing a whole bunch of features to Peach making it even easier for beginners to stack sats the right way. The goal of this update is to finalize the core base of the product in terms of functionality and user experience, so that Peach can become the go to product recommended to newcoiners by their Bitcoin maxi friends.

So let's dive into everything that's new in Peach 0.3:

1. Send and Receive with Ease: Peach 0.3 finally allows you to send and receive any amount of Bitcoin directly from your wallet. Whether you're a seasoned Bitcoin user or just starting your journey, you can now transact seamlessly within the app. Obviously this is a must have for any wallet, which is why we included it in 0.3. but we wanted to go a step further than just the basics.

2. Label Your Addresses: Managing your wallet has never been easier. You can now organize your wallet addresses by adding custom labels to each one. This feature simplifies how you manage your addresses, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced users. Bitcoin can be quite unintuitive at the beginning and the concept of one address, let alone multiple ones might be hard to grasp, which is why we decided to add these custom labels so that long strings with weird characters and QR codes become more recognizable and easy to distinguish. By default the label of an address is the associated trade id, so it becomes easy to understand where an address came from and what it was used for. We also show you which addresses have already been used and prevent address reuse by default, ensuring robust privacy practices. This way new user don't have to worry about the technicalities but can still see the underlying mechanisms to gain a gradual understanding of Bitcoin.

3. Address Checker: Wondering whether an address belongs to your wallet? Our new address checker provides instant verification of address ownership, resolving any doubts with ease. Sometimes you just want to see if an address is part of your wallet or not. Maybe to verify that you sent your friend the right one or maybe because you have multiple wallets and aren't sure if an address belongs to the wallet you have in the peach app. It's a simple feature, but we hope it will prevent some endless scrolling through your address list just to find out if its part of your wallet or not.

4. Coin Control Made Simple: Peach 0.3 introduces the most intuitive way of doing coin control in a mobile app. For more advanced users this is a big addition because it allows more finegrained control over which coins from your wallet you want to spend. Here you will also see the label of the address next to the coin you are selecting, so you can easily identify which coins you want to spend and where they came from. Coin control is useful if you want to separate coins from different sources to maximize your privacy but it also becomes relevant for managing the total fees you are going to pay when sending a transaction. The hope is, that while new users can send Bitcoin without ever having to use this feature, because they have the option to do so, it will allow a gradual transition towards a deeper understanding about why this is a powerful tool.

And as before our wallet supports rbf transactions by default, so you don't have to worry about your transaction getting stuck in the mempool forever. During the spike in fees some months ago one of the most frequent questions we got at peach was: "Why are my sats not showing up in my wallet?". Again this is a way in which Bitcoin can be unintuitive to new users and with rbf enabled by default we hope to avoid these problems in the future and once again being a guide along the road down the Bitcoin rabbithole.

We’re excited to have you try out these new features and have you join Peach on the road to make stacking sats peer to peer the standard!

Final Notes

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September 1st, 2023

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