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We're adding a lot of meetups where users can trade cash securely using Peach all around Europe (and expanding to the rest of the world in a near future). We're asking you (meetup organizers) to help users out in case of any problems, and to tweet some nice pics of the process. As thanks, we'll give you EXPOSURE, nice merch and a part of the revenue of the trading volume that happens on your meetup. Full details below 👇

Open letter to meetup organizers

Hello meetup organizers!

First of all we want to thank you for wanting to take part in this initiative that will allow plebs to find other peers and stack sats with cash easier than ever. You are extremely based.

In this letter, we’ll be explaining the cash feature from our app, and everything you’ll need to know to use it correctly in your meetups.

So, for those who still have not yet informed themselves, from version 0.2 onward, Peach will have a new available payment method: CASH.

However, most of the problems we’ve found so far when trading with cash are the difficulty of finding other trading peers due to your location, avoid doxxing yourself, and obviously, the risks involved with it.

At Peach, we try to tackle these problems in the best way we know; match-making. Just like Tinder but without any kind of personal information attached to your profile. Either as a buyer or a seller, from now on you’ll be able to publish a trade, and choose that you accept CASH as the payment method, without ever having to give any other kind of information to the other counterpart. Through the E2EE chat you’ll be able to communicate with the other peer and finish the trade flawlessly.

However, to solve all the problems, we need YOUR help. To provide a safe environment to realize those trades, we came up with the idea of providing the already existent Bitcoin meetups as the option to choose where the peers should conduct the trades. So when users choose CASH as the payment method in Peach, instead of saying just the city where they want to trade, they will see the meetups available in that city.

That is when Peach does its Tinder-like magic, and matches buyers and sellers who are attending that specific meetup. Users will just need to choose which match they prefer, and finish the trade when they meet in person.

Obviously, any user that doesn’t want to wait for the meetup can also publish their offer, but we don’t recommend trading with cash outside of safe-environments like Bitcoin meetups. This will be at their own risk as Peach will not be able to help in disputes from cash trades.

To thank you for helping out & hosting us, we want to share the fees that are charged during your meetup. We believe Bitcoin meetups are some of the most based and grassroots events out there, which is why we want to contribute in our own way. We believe that we can help meetup organizers to teach newbies how to buy and sell bitcoin safely and securely, following the Bitcoin best practices such as trading p2p and self- custodying their coins.

Next to that, we also want to thank you for your efforts by sending some cool exclusive Peach merch to you all. Orange t-shirts for the meetup organizers, and white ones for your meetup attendees.

We just want to ask for a little favor to you: help us with the “marketing”.

As you know we’ve only just started Peach, we are a small team and we don’t have shitcoin VCs behind to make a TV ad with Matt Damon to promote our app.

Right now centralized exchanges have most of the bitcoin trading volume. We want to change that and make trading Bitcoin p2p the standard. But to achieve that we need everyone to see how easy and convenient it is trading p2p instead of KYC’ing themselves to trade on a centralized exchange.

That’s why we want to ask if you could take some pictures/videos of the trades carried on during your meetups and share them in your own twitter accounts, to promote this way of buying, instead of promoting the actual surveillance services.

Make sure to avoid faces and sensitive information, just some phones and cash trades being carried out, as in this tweet from the Amsterdam Conference.

As a reward for using our app to trade with cash, the idea is to give away the t-shirts to the first people who complete and tweet about their cash trades (actually you can give the t-shirts to whoever you want, but incentivizing people to do cash trades to win a t-shirt we thought it could be a cool thing for users). If you can help us in that aspect, we’ll be forever grateful.

Finally, if you have any doubts, we’ve attached some FAQs about cash trading down below (they will also be available on our website), and a little tutorial on the steps to add a new meetup to your payment methods inside the app.

The Peach Team.


What is it about?

Peach cash trades are intended to make trading bitcoin for cash easier for both the buyer and the seller. So far buying bitcoin for cash has not been easy, due to the trust that is involved in a trade with cash and the difficulty of finding other trading peers easily and securely.

Peach cash trades allow anyone to publish an offer in the Peach app, and trade their bitcoin securely in a p2p way. When using digital payment methods (like bank transfers, neobanks, gift cards…) the buyers can provide the proof that they’ve made the payment just with an electronic receipt, but that’s not possible with cash. A 5$ wrench attack is always a possibility.

That’s why we are constantly getting in touch with the meetups from all around the world to enable safe and secure places for users to buy Bitcoin with cash. Since we cannot check if a cash trade actually happened, we only recommend using the cash feature on the meetup itself, which provides a safe environment.

How does it work?

When publishing an offer in Peach, users can choose which payment method they prefer for that specific trade. When choosing the cash option, users will need to also choose during which meetup they want to trade their bitcoin for cash, and our app will filter the results automatically. The rest of the trade flow is exactly the same as with any other kind of trade in Peach.

What are the advantages of Peach cash trades?

Peach cash trades have many advantages:

  1. The trade is secured by our escrow
  2. There is no risk of RBF
  3. No (Telegram) username doxxing
  4. Offer is published in advance, so you can find the premium that you’re willing to pay without haggling
  5. The meetup provides a secure location, reducing the odds of a $5 wrench attack

What’s in it for the meetup organizers?

Meetup organizers play an important role in the Peach cash trade: they are the ones who will need to explain how Peach works, and will be the point of contact for anyone using the feature during the meetup.

To thank & compensate the organizers for this, we give back three things:

  1. Revenue of the volume traded. Important note: we will give back only to the meetup organizers that can be subject to receive donations. Some meetups, due to their status or organization, will not be able receive it.
  2. Peach merch
  3. Visibility for the meetup on the Peach app & website

What do users gain when trading with Peach cash feature in the meetups?

Apart from everything explained above about security, the first users to complete cash trades with Peach and present a #ProofOfPeach on Bitcoin Twitter will receive directly some of the cool merch that we’ve sent to the meetup organizers.

That, and of course the amazing feeling of acquiring p2p bitcorn in the easiest possible way, and finding other trusted bitcoiners to trade with!

Tutorial: How to BUY or SELL bitcoin with cash on Peach Disclaimer: The process to add a new meetup as a payment method is the same for both buyer and seller. Once the meetup is added, both counterparts need to follow the usual Peach process to publish their trade and find a trading partner.

When a user wants to buy Bitcoin with cash on Peach, he’ll need to follow this steps to publish an offer and find a match:

  1. When in the BUY or SELL tab, the user will need to choose between remote / meetups payment method. In this case, when we tap on meetups, we’ll see we can “add a new meetup”.
  2. Once we’ve clicked on “add new meetup”, a full list of the available Countries will appear on the app. Choose your desired country, and then you’ll see the full list of meetups available in that country.
  3. Once the meetup has been chosen, you’ll see a full screen with all the available information about it. There you’ll be able to “add this meetup” to your payment methods list.
  4. After adding it, you’ll see a notification warning you to trade responsibly with cash, as Peach cannot be the responsible in case something goes wrong with those trades.
  5. After accepting it, you’ll have added successfully the meetup into your payment methods list, and you’ll be able to proceed with publishing the buy/sell offer as you’d normally do with any other payment method in Peach.

Once you click on Next, and the offer is published, you’ll be able to match with other peers who have published buy or sell offers in the same meetup.

That’s all you need to know to publish your cash trade in Peach!

Final Notes

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Peach x meetups

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