Peach expands to the Global South!

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Peach has always been committed to democratizing access to Bitcoin, and with the launch of Peach 0.3, the app is expanding its reach to the Global South. By providing an intuitive, KYC-free solution for purchasing Bitcoin, Peach aims to empower individuals in regions where traditional financial services might be limited. Peach will expand in waves and has integrated currencies and payment methods from Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela in Latin America and Congo, Côte d’Ivoire Nigeria in Africa. Peach wants to partner with the local Bitcoin meetups and communities on the ground to expand peer-to-peer trading.

Yes, you read that right 😉 Peach is finally going out of Europe, and expanding its frontiers to other parts of the world.

Today, we’re super proud to announce that with the launch of Peach 0.3 we’re adding many new Payment Methods inside our app, specially focused in 2 different regions from the Global South:

  • Africa

In this blog post, we’ll explain either the process a user needs to go through to use Peach in any of the new supported areas, as well as how you can help us bring Peach to more and more people.

As you may know, the biggest problem in peer-to-peer markets is finding other people who use the same payment methods as you. I may want to buy bitcoin, and someone else may want to sell it, but if we don’t agree on the Payment Method we want to use for that exchange, the trade won’t happen.

That’s the problem we’re focused on solving; providing the easiest way to find other people who use the same payment methods as you, when looking to either buy or sell bitcoin.

In Europe, there is SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), which makes things easier for countries who belong to the European Union to send money between them. However, even there, not everyone has access to this payments system, and that’s why many other alternatives are used, and give opportunities to people to send money between themselves. For example by using fintech mobile apps, gift cards, or cash.

At Peach, we’re constantly listening to our users, and trying to add the payment methods they ask for. And that made us realise that many people from the Global South were also in a need of an easy way to trade Bitcoin peer-to-peer.

Thanks to the cool bitcoiners who have helped us identify the most used payment methods in different countries around the world, today we’re glad to announce that Peach will start supporting the following Payment Methods:


  • Cote D’Ivoire ( Franc CFA - XOF ) – Orange Money – Moov – MTN – Wave

  • Congo DRC ( Franc Congolais - CDF ) – Airtel Money – Orange Money – M-Pesa

  • Nigeria ( Naira - NGN ) – Bank transfer – Chippercash – Eversend – Payday


  • Argentina ( ARS ) – Mercado Pago – CBU – CVU – Alias

  • Colombia ( COP ) – Bancolombia – Rappipay – Nequi

  • Perú ( PEN ) – Rappipay – México ( MXN ) – Rappipay

  • Chile ( CLP ) – Rappipay

  • Costa Rica ( CRC ) – SINPE – SINPE móbil

As you see, we’ve integrated some of the payment methods from each region, but many more can be added.

That’s why we are actively asking you for help, in case you know other Payment Methods from any region belonging to either Africa and Central & South America, let us know! We’d love to add them into our app, to enable more individuals to trade sats peer-to-peer in the easiest possible way!

If you want to send us information about a certain payment method, please send an email to [email protected] with the new Payment Method name as the email subject. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to add it into our app.

Cash trades

All the previous payment methods, are considered “digital” payments, done through either bank transfers, or fintech apps. However, we do also support cash trades, and to make it easy for people to find other bitcoiners to trade with, we are partnering with meetups all over the world, and enable them as official points to trade bitcoin using cash.

To know more about how the cash trades work, you can read our blog post How to buy and sell Bitcoin with cash using Peach.

If you are a meetup organizer from anywhere in the Global South, and would like us to add your meetup as an official cash trading point, send us an email to [email protected] with your meetup as the email subject, and we’ll get back to you ASAP to integrate it!

Final Notes

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September 1st, 2023

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