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Peach Bitcoin retreat

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Hello Peaches! How is your sat stacking going? Lately Bitcoin twitter has been full of nonsense drama, but if you look closely enough, you can find highly valuable advice😉

Matt Odell's advice

Anyway, as you may have noticed, bitcoin conference season has officially started, and even though we'd love to see you at all of them, sometimes we have to keep our priorities straight. This year we will choose really carefully which events we are attending, as our main priority right now is to build a reliable and easy to use app that you can shill to your grandma when she asks you about how to buy bitcoin over Christmas dinner.

But that doesn't mean we're not having fun when building! During this past week, our team enjoyed an IRL team retreat, to define and align ourselves on the next milestones. While there, some wild bitcoiners appeared and brought some grass-fed meat, so we had no choice but to organize a Bitcoin BBQ with the local plebs🔥 (note the color of the pool, bullishness was felt everywhere)

Bitcoin BBQ

This past week was a real life reminder that P2P relationships are what drives innovation and competition in this world, and we're more determined than ever to provide the best P2P exchange ever!

Even if we won't be there to meet you at all the upcoming conferences… We're still adding them as a cash payment method! Don't hesitate to publish your offers if you're attending the Prague conference this year, and look for peers who want to match with you! I bet you'll love trading with other peers face2face.

Anyway dear Peaches, after this quick update on the thoughts that came to our minds while in the jacuzzi, down here we leave some of last week’s market stats. Hope you enjoy them!

PS: We've just published the 3d episode of our "Why P2P?" series, check it out here!

Market Stats

from 05/12 to 06/08 All the volumes are based in CHF

Down here you'll find a recap of the most important stats from the previous weeks. Let us know if you'd like to see any chart/metric that doesn't appear here.

TL;DR: slow but steady growth of both buyers and sellers during the bear market. Demand for sell offers keeps going up.

The more VEXs crashing, the more liquidity for peers.

Number of trades

  • 418

Order Book Status

583 buy offers | 47 sell offers

*June 8th - 11:00am

Top 5 Payment Methods

  1. Revolut
  2. Sepa + Instant Sepa
  3. PayPal
  4. Wise
  5. Twint

Total amount traded

  • 557 608 523 sats (142 853 CHF)

Average Trade Amount

  • 818 808 sats (210 CHF)

Newly added meetups

  • Beer and Bitcoin, Warsaw, Poland
  • Amsterdam, NL, De Bitcoin Meetup
  • Roanne Bitcoin Meetup, FR
  • Crema, Italia, Satoshi Spritz Crema
  • BTC PRAGUE (conference)

Final Notes

If you want to know more about Peach features, or read some of our other articles, you can find them here!

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Peach x meetups

If you want to know more about us, check out or socials, or simply contact us (use our PGP key if possible) we'll be happy to hear from you!

Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram

Keep spreading the Peach word, who knows when you'll find the match of your life!

June 8th, 2023

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